Ontario Vegans Magazine welcomes freelance inquiries and is open to a variety of subjects relating to veganism. Our mission is to inform, make people think, and entertain. When sending a pitch, please include two to three writing samples (ideally published work), either as a Word attachment, PDF or a list of urls. Please note that we never publish unsolicited pieces.

A few tips for getting published in OVM:

  1. Know the magazine and website. Read it, study it, learn it, know it. Get a sense of where your writing will fit in best, and let us know. Do you live in a particularly veg-friendly town or interested in writing about your travels abroad, or do you have a great idea for the mag and Ontario? It’s amazing how many queries we receive from folks who haven’t read the publication or visited our website.
  2. Keep your pitches concise. Tease us with your tantalizing ideas, and we’ll come running. We just don’t have time to read 10-page story ideas.
  3. Communicate via email. We are always connected, and email is our preferred method of communication for initial writing queries. Our team will get back to you as promptly as we can.

Whether you are a seasoned or aspiring writer, there are many areas freelancers can contribute to OVM, including:

  • Travel
  • Recipes
  • Food features
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Interviews
  • Business profiles
  • Feature articles
  • Back-page pieces


Contributions to Ontario Vegans Magazine are volunteer based and are compensated currently by the promotion of their website and/or social media accounts and also receive one digital copy of the issue where the contributors work appears.

We provide a great writing/editing experience plus these benefits:

  • The opportunity to work with a professional editing team
  • The opportunity to be published in a magazine and/or website
  • A digital tear sheet of the published work for your portfolio
  • The opportunity to gain recognition in the vegan community

Please send all writing proposals and questions to our editorial team at Due to the high volume of queries we receive, it may take up to 60 days to receive a response from an OVM editor. We look forward to hearing your ideas!